We are a Childcare Centre that centers our practice around love and trust.  We celebrate our role as a partner in the care and education of children under 5 with their families and Whānau.  We see positive, caring relationships as being the basis in all that we do.  In our eyes family comes first, and we want to be an extension of that.  We strive to provide an environment where parents and caregivers know their children will receive the same level of love and care as they would at home.

We are passionate about providing children with the skills to become life long learners.  This is supported by our environment, which has been thoughtfully designed to encourage ongoing exploration, problem solving and risk taking at a level that is age appropriate to the child.  We want our children to feel secure to explore their environment on their own terms, giving them space and time to do this as they please.  We see play as a foundation for learning, through play our children are encouraged to ask questions, invent, discover, and ponder ideas. We encourage all staff to work effectively and cohesively as a team, continually updating their skills, knowledge and interest through formal and informal development.

We want children who attend Kaleidoscope Childcare Centre to gain a true respect for themselves and others.  We strive to provide an environment that celebrates individuality irrespective of gender, culture or beliefs, so that every child knows they are cherished and loved for who they are.   We ensure and encourage the provision of a safe, secure hygienic and positive environment for all staff, families and children.

Through environmentally sensitive practices we aim to teach our children how to care for Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), and help them to develop life skills that will support them to continue to look after the environment as they grow up. Eating vegetables and fruits that we have planted and grown ourselves is a wonderful way to start.   When choosing resources we consider how they have been made and the impact this has on the environment.  We are dedicated to reducing, reusing and recycling the waste produced by our Centre, involving our children in this process as much as possible.

We acknowledge the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi in our practice, incorporating Tikanga into our everyday Centre life.  We also acknowledge and respect the importance of Whānau in the lives of our Māori children.  Through our open door policy we want our families and Whānau to feel that they are welcomed and celebrated as educators alongside the teachers of Kaleidoscope Childcare Centre, and we value their input.

We aim to develop and maintain strong links within our local community by acknowledging and incorporating the resources available.